how a chanel jacket is made

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Why big brands should never make short films

Because they will end up screwing up this big.

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Chanel pre-fall 2012 PARIS BOMBAY

I often think about Bombay because when you live in Caracas it's the exact opposite hour so if here it's 1:00 am, there it is 1:00pm, so I usually wonder what people are doing there. Lagerfeld said that India is the only place in the world where poor people are chic (I know how it sounds but you know Lagerfeld), and if you think about it even beggars wear vibrant colors and jewels. I don´t wear neither of them. I have and endless supply of black dresses and that's it. And well, this is the chanelized Bombai. Enjoy, and maybe some day be able afford such pieces.


Nice images of Elle Fanning, Daria Werbowy and MORE!

Hello people! I kind of have a lot of homework but I am still alive and free (or as free as a venezuelan person can be which is not much). The other day there was a concert of Justin Bieber here, it was crazy, I mean I used to be a stupid girl back in 7th grade (for more information read my 2009 posts) but I never said something like "I lost my virginity after a Justin´s concert" or "my mom wouldn't give me the money so I stole it and ran away with my friend" and everyone acting normally as if  13 year old girl was supposed to do this things...and well Justin? seriously? I can't think of anything gayer than him, not even homosexuality. I just can't believe how every generation is worse, it's like "that's ok. It's not like it was the most ridiculous thing in the world is to be 13 and wearing more make-up than clothes". And I am not saying I am a saint because I am not, I have some ghosts in my past like the time I wore that skirt, etc. but I am just worried about the next generations and the possibility of 30 year old grandmas and a show called 11 and pregnant.
Elle Fanning, for example, is a girl I consider beautiful. She's 13 and well, most of the time, she dresses age appropriately. Sometimes she doesn't  but we can forgive her as long as she doesn't follow the path of Lindsey Lohan, so far so good!

Daria Werbowy
Another editorial

Now good night and good luck.
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Moonsoon Lookbook and Spring RTW

I had an awesome time in NYC, I took a picture with Daniel Radcliffe which was pretty exciting. I also joined my school's delegation of MUN (models of the United Nations) and I was all Hermione Granger in class, I raised my hand for every question the faculty asked...even rhetorical ones.
I am also learning French (I started using Facebook in French and I saw Amelie without subtitles) and in the three lessons I've had I learned a lot, saying  "Bon jour je m'apelle Gisela" requires some serious understanding of the language. 
I am learning how to drive and if you ever try to do so please PLEASE don't ask my mom to teach you unless you want to inspire Shakespeare to write the most dramatic blood-spilling tragedy in literature.
I don't understand how Gossip Girl episodes seem to be getting better and better, it's like a golden age or something besides I wanted to congratulate Serena on learning the difference between shorts and underwear.

This is the Moonsoon lookbook. What is Moonsoon? I don't know, but the clothes are great.

I loved all the Spring RTW collections but these are best of the best.
Louis Vuitton
 Nina Ricci

An artist sent me her work so I could see it. And I loved it!
Here's the link, highly recommended!