Greetings from Coney Island!

Three things happened today:

a) My cousin was born. It's a bloody miracle of nature!

b) I found out that the name Hannah is the same backwards and forwards.

c)I found theese images from Allison lewis spring lookbook.


John French

People, I have a really important announcement to make: I WAS ABLE TO FINISH SLOW RIDE IN GUITAR HERO, and by slow ride I don't mean the hard and complex slow ride I mean the easiest song in the whole guitar hero that a friend of mine played with his eyes closed and while arguing with his sister, it was so cool, it didn't sound like me, it sound good! Now I'm a rockstar and I'll change my name to Wafflerina Rygalsky and say I'm from Belgium. Oh yeah!
My Religion classes are no longer effortless, it even has homework! -snif- I remember those times when the circle the correct answer exercise were like this: God said: a) I'm too sexy for this shirt b)It's important to go to church c) I know what you did last summer...
Anyway as you can see I've been really busy, but I leave you this amazing masterpieces shot by John French!


Gossip girl style

I've got to admit that Gossip Girl's plot seems a little bit too annoying to me. Blair's always complaining and being such a drama queen, Serena is always horny and in an I-know-what-you-did-last-summer mood. And I hate the fact that they're always changing they're boyfriends. And what's up with the say-I-love-you thing between Chuck and Blair? I mean once a girl picked up my mechanical pencil from the floor and I told her that I loved her. And Chuck Bass we KNOW you're Chuck Bass you've made that pretty clear every time someone asks whatever (we want a reason and I'm Chuck Bass does not count). GG could be mexican soap opera if it didn't take place in NYC and if the clothes weren't so nice.

Actually the clothes for me are more important than the plot! specially Blair's clothes I love love love the way Blair dresses up, and her haidbands (oh my!), about Serena I'm not really inton her effortlessly chic wannabe style, although some of her separate pieces are great!

So theese three videos feature Eric Daman (Gossip Girl's costumer designer) speaking about each character's style:




PS: I need to change my header so I made theese two rehearsals and I truly want to listen to your opinion I'll make more and show them to you but so far I´'ve only ade theese and I want to hear which one do you like the most


The Luxe series

Tired of blond annoying Marie Sues wearing dresses you can't afford? Sick of the same old story about a girl having everything and still wanting more? then don't read The Luxe series. Because it's a Marie Sue novel in which they spend around nine paragraphs a chapter describing how beautiful each character is, ( Author: Elizabeth is so beautiful have I mentioned it in this chapter? Readers: YES, 4 TIMES Author: and about her beautiful hair? Readers: YES Author: *sad* ), but, if you think you're gonna get bored by a 4 books long description of everyones beauty, you're partly right, but think about this: it's a one hundred years ago verssion of Gossip Girl, even though it over explains how pretty everyone is (in a Twilight way) it has a great story and it's the kind of book that 1) makes you cry, at least Rumors does. 2) everything makes sense at the end, although I could figure everything out way before the end (but that was just me, that I've read a lot, but some friends didn't) 3) makes you want to live in that age and go to those balls and wear those dresses...

Anyway, I do recomend it.


The Queen of Drama- Backstage Ralph Lauren spring 2008

I am still recovering from the trauma I suffered just three days ago when I opened my Vogue, it seemed that instead of Top 10 it should have said Things that G (me) hates madly not to mention the 5-pages article that said the 80's were not that bad! I know all collections can't be as horrible as the ones I've seen by far and I'll check out the ones you've told me to as soon as I get 100% recovered (any other suggestions of pretty collections are welcomed).
But my sister says I can't complain about something 3 posts in a row, so I'll just complain 2 in a row (on my previous post and in this one) -PS: It's illegal to stab a blogger for being too whining (just making sure you remeber that)-
Ok, this post is about a backstage that could be an editorial, it's from 2008 Ralph Lauren's spring collection (in those times fashion was pretty-snif, snif-), I absoulutely loved the fashion show when I saw it is so beautifully dramatic and romantic (!) and it seemed that such a mesmarizing collection deserved mesmarizing backstage images. I've been saving theese images for quite a while, I thought they were too old to be posted but has that ever stopped me before?